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2024 European Cup Qualifying Football Predictions


Clancy & Theys Construction Company is providing Construction Management at-Risk Services for the Wake County Public School System to build West Millbrook Middle 2024 European Cup official betting appSchool. The new 225,332 square foot middle school will be constructed on the existing 40- acre campus while school is in session. The new middle school will accommodate 1,280 students and include an auditorium, gymnasium, dining hall, and athletic fields. The new facility will be constructed on shallow foundations with combination of load-baring masonry and structural steel. The skin will be made-up of brick, metal panels, and curtain wall window systems.

2024 European Cup official websiteOnce the new school is constructed students, faculty, and other staff members will move into the new facility and the old school will be demolished. New athletic fields and parking will be constructed on the site where the old school was.

Project Details
Location: Raleigh, NC
Architect: Moseley Architects
Size: 217,357
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