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2024 European Cup Qualifying Football Predictions


Clancy & Theys Construction Company had a Design-Build contract to construct the 1,500,000 sq ft distribution 2024 European Cup Qualifying Football Predictionscenter with approximately 15,000 sq ft of office and maintenance areas. The structure of the building is a concrete slab on grade, with conventional steel framing, and precast concrete wall panels. The exterior is completely painted with a textured elastomeric coating. There is a separate fire pump house, equipped with two fire pumps, and guard house to support the facility. The distribution center’2024 European Cup Qualifying Football Predictionss peak is 48’-0” clear with a minimum of 41’-0” clear around the perimeter for the internal Racking and Automated Conveyor Systems.

Project Details
Client: Dollar Tree, Inc.
Location: Cowpens, South Carolina
Size: 1,500,000 sq ft
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